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Microsoft Excel, Meet SplashBI

SplashBI provides a Microsoft Excel add-in as an included addition to your BI suite. Excel Connect offers a user friendly front-end for transactional reporting within Microsoft Excel that is simple to install and requires no maintenance from IT Staff.

Excel Connect provides users with the ability to run reports, ad hoc where needed, and refresh time after time while retaining all formats, graphs, pivots, and formulas, perfect for creating dashboards in excel.

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Full Reporting Functionality

With Excel Connect, reporting users can accomplish all their needs in the user friendly interface.  Create custom reports from scratch, setup schedules and distribution lists, and run all your reports directly in the Excel application.

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Retain Excel Formatting

Don’t be afraid to use the Excel formatting options natural to the application.  Highlight columns, add charts and pivot tables, modify fonts and colors. All these changes will stick around every time you refresh your data!

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Refresh Reports

Excel Connect allows users to save their reports in a single workbook for future use.  With a single click, refresh the data in multiple reports simultaneously.  Save hours each week in your reporting tasks without having to replicate your efforts.

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Custom Formats

Like the changes and additions you made to a report?  In Excel Connect, users can upload new formats to their reports back to the SplashBI server for use amongst other users in the organization.

Reporting Without Limits.

No need to recreate the wheel every time you need to pull in new data. Excel Connect lets you pull in data as often as you need, and retains all your formats, pivots, charts, formulas, and more! This can take reporting time down from hours to minutes!

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Drill Downs

Get additional insight into your data without having to run additional reports or go into other systems! Drill downs can also be modified and new ones created, so you aren’t limited with your data insight.

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Scheduling & Distribution

Automate your reports and save time and effort! SplashBI lets you setup your reports to run at a specific date and time, or have them run at a recurring interval. You can even have them distribute automatically to a specific person, or group of people once the report completes.

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Consolidate Reporting

When you report from Excel with SplashBI, you can centralize your reports and save time and effort. From Excel, you can run reports from various sources, and even create reports combining that data, meaning less manual work.

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