HR Workforce Analytics

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HR workforce Analytics

Why Hierarchical Workforce Analytics

Hierarchy adds a whole new dimension on how to consume HR KPIs & metrics. Generic BI tools focus on lists and data filtered by normal methods, but there is no easy way to spot HR trends or problems at the organization level or by leader. Every leader deserves a scorecard.

Empower Your Users

Reduce the number of ad-hoc requests by giving your users the ability to create their own visualizations and share results. Being able to drill down to leaders and teams allows management to make better decisions about their people – the most important asset in any organization.

Make An Impact Change To Workforce Planning

Leverage forecasts of HR KPI’s to enable leaders to plan for turnover, loss of talented people and prescribe ways to minimize those impacts to the organization.
Pre-Built Role Based KPIs
Covers Industry Standard Dashboards
HCM Data Connectors
Training Based KPIs

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What questions can we answer with unified data?

Unified data helps you understand the full story of your employee journey. From recruitment, to development, to exit, understanding the journey allows organizations to plan for the greatest outcomes.

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Why are we losing top talent?


How well are you developing and nurturing talent?


Are we attracting top talent and what are the best sources of hire?


Which leaders have the lowest regret turnover?


Are we measuring actual employee performance or do we rely on subjective opinions?


How many exits can we expect over the next 6 months? How are we planning accordingly?

What’s The Difference?

Distinguish the difference between a generic BI Tool and Workforce Analytics.


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A Pre-Built Analytics Solution For Everyone!

SplashBI not only addresses the needs of the HR team but can also provide analytics and reports for other departments. Whether you are an Executive or in Sales/Marketing, SplashBI can help you understand the story hidden within your data. What is your story?

Create Your Own Dashboard


Cross application data


Real-time results


With 150+ charts


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We have a huge need to future proof our reporting and utilize data from other sources. SplashBI has allowed us to not only do that, but look at our data in a more analytical way.

Claire ReeveNorfolk County Government

Not much to say here. If you need a BI tool, you will do you yourself a disfavor by not taking a serious look at SplashBI. I have found SplashBI easier and faster to use at every level: installation, configuration, set-up, administration, and end user.

Bob HerifordSolutions4Less

We looked at several different products before purchasing SplashBI. Ultimately SplashBI had the right combination of features, price, Linux support, and out of the box content.

Veer SurapaneniEnervest

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