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SplashBI for Human Resources

SplashBI Reporting for Human Resources is the next generation solution for consolidating data across your various applications for HR, Payroll, Time Entry, and more. It delivers the KPIs you need to monitor the health of your organization by manager, department or location.

Most BI tools analyze numerous performance indicators. HR analytics is unique in that it requires analysis of hierarchies, which most BI tools can’t do. By analyzing the organizational hierarchy, SplashBI provides hidden insight into problems (or good things) and provides numbers to back them up.

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SplashBI has been shown to reduce payroll report times by over 80%.

Hierarchical Analysis

SplashBI computes HR analytics based on the organizational hierarchy, not lists.


Increase your productivity and spend less time on building reports.

Span of Control

Some managers are over-allocated and some aren’t. Span of control analysis is useful for identifying leaders who may be over-allocated. It provides insight into manager team size and links with performance or other attributes.

Employee Headcount

Organizations transform so quickly that many leaders don’t know the exact size of their teams. Headcount analysis keeps leaders in tune and drives more accurate workforce planning.

Org Heat Maps

Any SplashBI KPI can be visualized in an org chart heat map. One can easily glean where things are working well and not so well.

Source of Hire

By combining applicant tracking system and talent management data, SplashBI provides insight into which sources of hire are the most effective for various positions and locations.


Employee tenure is a key indicator of employee engagement. By analyzing time in position and overall employee tenure, SplashBI provides insight into how to retain top talent.


Turnover analysis shows how many people are leaving the organization from every area, be it location or manager.


The fastest way gauge organizational health is a dashboard. SplashBI dashboards provide up-to-date KPIs for HR pros, executives and managers.

Time-To-Fill Open Positions & Talent Flow

Open positions have a high opportunity cost and they’re tough on the team.  SplashBI provides a time-to-fill analysis which locates issues with the hiring process, hiring managers or the employer brand.

It’s essential to know where people are moving within the organization. Talent Flow shows new hires, promotions and exits in an infographic. SplashBI automatically calculates this by analyzing the changing organizational hierarchy.