SplashBI for Oracle Cloud Applications

Go Beyond The Limitations Of OTBI

As organizations move to Oracle Cloud Applications, they are finding that accessing and understanding their data can be difficult. SplashBI offers an easy-to-deploy analytics solution that includes pre-built reports and dashboards, all within a pre-built data warehouse.

Oracle Cloud Applications

SplashBI Cloud Connector

Oracle Cloud Applications | Cloud Connector & ERP Cloud | SplashBI 1

Pre-Built Reports

Honoring the Oracle Cloud Application role-based security

Oracle Cloud Applications | Cloud Connector & ERP Cloud | SplashBI 2

Cross Application Reporting

Including legacy systems, other cloud applications, and on-premise databases

Oracle Cloud Applications | Cloud Connector & ERP Cloud | SplashBI 3

Advanced Distribution Capabilities

Feature-rich bursting and publishing options

Oracle Cloud Applications | Cloud Connector & ERP Cloud | SplashBI 4

Microsoft Excel Plugin

Reporting to and from Microsoft Excel with the included plugin

Oracle HCM Cloud

Unlike other BI products, SplashBI Workforce Analytics performs calculations and filters based on the hierarchy of the organization. Headcount, turnover and 100s of other KPIs can be viewed for every leader in the organization.

The goal of Workforce Analytics is to provide leadership with actionable information. Answer tough questions backed by solid data.

  • How can we attract and retain top talent?
  • How can we maximize the engagement of our talent?
  • Where are we doing things right in the organization?
Oracle Cloud Applications

SplashBI vs OTBI

User Friendly

Powerful Pre-Built Reports

Includes Payroll Reports

Role-Based Security

Column Security – hide sensitive data

Legacy Reporting Beyond 3 Years

On-Premise Install Option

Microsoft Excel Plugin

ERPModules 1

Oracle ERP Cloud

Oracle offers OTBI, BI Publisher and OAC for user financial reporting needs. However, to get the full picture, modern enterprise reporting requires users to connect to multiple data sources – not just Oracle.

  • Schedule & Distribute Reports
  • Unlimited Adhoc Capabilities
  • Publishing Designs
  • Enhanced Performance
  • 400+ Pre-Built Reports
  • 130 Ready To Use Dashboards

Start Making Smarter Decisions With Your Data

Blend. Report. Visualize. Analyze.