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CRM Analytics For Sales Leaders 5
High level overview of your total sales opportunity.
Track your wins and make sure they are celebrated!
What can be done to increase sales faster?
Learn from deals that have closed the fastest and repeat.
Don’t lose track of these – so much can be learned!
Trends can help you predict the future!
Let successful reps teach others why they are winning.
Are the products you want being sold successfully being closed?
One loss is OK, two is a concern and three is a trend – why?
Make sure your team is collaborating and learning from each other.
Just like sales reps, maybe there are industries performing better than others?
  • Are our Won Opportunities trending in the right direction?
  • Which Sales Rep has been the most successful?
  • Are we winning deals selling a specific product over another?
  • Is there more success within certain industries?
CRM Analytics For Sales Leaders 6
Pipeline is the lifeline of a sales organization.
Gaining new customers means both short term and long term growth opportunity.
Customer are the gift that keeps giving, IF you take care of them.
Where and what are people showing the most interest.
A raw number is good, a comparative numbers tells you more.
Spend your time and company resources where they can have the most effect.
Better monitor pipeline progress and how to improve.
Monitor deals that are stalled or inactive.
Make sure the pipe is not skewed by large deals that inflate revenue.
Period to Period comparison gives better visibility.
What can you do to stay top of mind for deals you hope to close?
Why are deals pushing and at what point do they become leads and not opportunity?
If you have great closers that don’t prospect, or vice versa, maybe team them up?
No where to run and no where to hide – data doesn’t lie!
  • What is our current sales funnel?
  • What is our actual vs. forecast pipeline?
  • Pipeline By Sales Reps?
  • Pipeline current activities of opportunities?
CRM Analytics For Sales Leaders 7
Where are you losing deals and why?
Track the ratio of deals won versus deals lost by rep.
See the number of deals lost and drill down to learn why.
Monitor largest revenue opportunities and reps plan to close.
What is the health of your sales pipeline and where are deals getting stuck?
  • Wins & Losses
  • Lost Opportunities By Industry
  • Top 10 Won Opportunities
  • Lost Opps By Sales Rep
CRM Analytics For Sales Leaders 8
Measure lead and opportunity at the highest level.
If forecast does not exceed revenue targets, what can you do to improve?
Learn from your wins and make sure every member of your team top to bottom shares in them.
Learn when and how your wins are effected.
Success breeds success – big deals lead to big deals – learn why.
Every sale stage demands attention – where are your deals getting stuck?
Work smarter not harder – target deals that can close fastest for the most revenue.
Just like finding good people, find out where your best deals first showed interest in your products and services.
A win is a win, but seeing when, where and why you lost deals is important too.
  • How many open opportunities do we have?
  • What is our win rate?
  • Is a specific lead source contributing to opportunity generation?
  • How much forecasted revenue is sitting within each stage of our sales funnel?
CRM Analytics For Sales Leaders 9
Closed Revenue and Trend from Previous Period.
Percentage of Opportunities Won versus Open.
Opportunities Closed as Lost – learn more from your losses than your wins.
How long is it taking you to win deals?
Measure Reps Actual Revenue Versus Forecast.
Stack rank reps to see performance increases.
Monitor size and length of time to close deals by rep.
Which reps close deals the fastest.
Are certain products / business lines closing business faster?
Keep track of the number and stage of open opportunity by sales rep
  • How many won opportunities has our team generated this year?
  • What is the win rate for each of my sales reps?
  • What is the average time to close a deal?
  • What is the revenue impact of the lost opportunities?
CRM Analytics For Sales Leaders 10
Closing deals faster improves morale and cash flow!
Cost of sales is a direct result of effort versus return – is what you are committing resources too worth it?
Whatever your stages are, every deal will go through each of them – if not why?
Every team can close, but are they doing the necessary at the top and middle of pipe?
  • What is the average amount of time to close an opportunity?
  • What is the average sales cycle length?
  • How many opportunities do we have in each stage of our funnel?
  • What is the average time spent in each stage?
CRM Analytics For Sales Leaders 11
How much new interest are you getting in your products?
Which leads moves from a lead to an opportunity and why?
Better manage your spend on leads –cut bad programs invest more in successful ones
Were they tire kicking or looking for something you do not offer and should?
The comparison of good versus bad should always favor the good.
Did trade show season pay off? Which one was better and why?
Who are your best prospecting reps? Can they train others to convert more?
Every deal goes through every stage – question is who moves them the fastest.
Effectively manage the cost to acquire new customers.
Clients have options – if you are not top of mind and timely you miss your chance!
Depending on your cycle – measuring period to period and like for like give you the data points you need.
New business sales is different than farming current clients – are both working?
What can you do to stay top of mind for deals you hope to close?
  • How many new leads do we have and are we converting them?
  • Where are our leads coming from?
  • How long are leads sitting before being touched by a sales rep?
  • What is the lead movement by stages?
CRM Analytics For Sales Leaders 12
Every team member needs to do their part – monitor the activities AND the messaging they are using.
Activity drives success – reps must be consistent and proactive each and every day.
While every deal is important, reps and leaders need proper time management to get the most from their day.
Email is fast and easy – but is it effective? Are they calling and connecting or just leaving messages?
Once you know where you have had success, invest to replicate and improve where needed.
Global organizations operate differently – what works for one region may not for another.
Some reps simply do it better than others – so why not leverage them to help and train.
People consume information differently – monitor which messaging gets you the most traction.
Don’t just review the number of activities but the content of the messages – are they delivering the message you want conveyed.
Do reps use email too much versus calling ? When were they last onsite?
Make sure to tag these and check back – a loss now is a win back later !
New business sales is different than farming current clients – are both working?
What can you do to stay top of mind for deals you hope to close?
  • How do the activities look by sales rep?
  • What are the activities by each stage?
  • Which activities have we done the most of?
  • Are we spending more time on specific industries or countries?

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