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Effortlessly Transition from Oracle Discoverer with SplashDM's Streamlined Migration Solution!

Are you currently relying on Discoverer for reporting on Oracle EBS, third-party Oracle-based solutions, custom Oracle database applications, or a mix of these? Choose SplashDM for a seamless migration experience that ensures continuity and minimal disruption to your business processes.

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Safeguard Your Investment with an Efficient & Accurate Solution

Choose the Right Discoverer Replacement: SplashDM

Transitioning from Oracle Discoverer doesn’t have to mean a costly new investment that requires deep pockets and a significant amount of time. To truly protect your investment, consider SplashDM, a solution specifically designed as a Discoverer Replacement, which includes:

  • Fast and accurate migration utility.
  • Merging EULs while maintaining existing report infrastructure.
  • Report execution from Excel & mobile devices.
  • Easy-to-learn functionality with added features.
  • Inherent EBS responsibility security & user authentication.
  • Pre-built dashboards with visualizations, scheduling, distribution, and bursting.
  • Access to EBS DFF/KFF and drill-down capability.
  • Multiple output options and in-memory analytics.
  • Data mashups and connectivity to other data sources, including cloud applications.

By effectively managing your Discoverer migration with SplashDM, you’ll seize the opportunity to reorganize your data, making it even more insightful and beneficial for your organization, without requiring a massive budget or a lengthy project. Here’s how:

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Review your existing Discoverer estate: centralize your workbooks, remove the need for desktop, understand which workbooks are in use?

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Consider your future needs: less dependency on IT/developers – self-service.

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Provide additional functionality to your users: Discoverer is “old.”

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Upgrade your infrastructure, spend less time and money on IT and external support.

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Automate, remove the redundant effort and align reporting to your business processes.

Unlock the Potential

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Discoverer Migration

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Effortlessly Transition from Discoverer

Smoothly migrate your workbooks and components to generate fully functional, ad-hoc capable reports! The left column displays your starting point, while the right column demonstrates the results after a successful migration to SplashBI reports.

Migration Steps & TasksLife Beyond Discoverer
  • Export workbooks as eex/XML files or ZIP files for multiple workbooks.
  • Install the SplashBI patch in the Discoverer End User Layer to prepare for migration.
  • Migrate Discoverer business areas to SplashBI.
  • Upload Discoverer files from step 1, which will be transformed into SplashBI reports.
  • Transfer Responsibilities and Users from EBS to SplashBI.
  • Handle exceptions like database function calls in calculation columns with manual intervention.
  • Migrate Roles for non-EBS users to SplashBI.

Once the above steps are completed, proceed with User Acceptance Testing (UAT), which may require multiple iterations for certain workbooks.

Migration Steps & Tasks

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Replacing Oracle Discoverer

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If you prefer not to migrate your Discoverer workbooks, you can simply use SplashEBS and SplashGL instead.

SplashEBS offers 1,400 pre-built reports, ensuring the needs of all finance office users – from AR, AP, GL, Financial Controller to CFO – are met through a mix of Discoverer migration, pre-seeded reports, custom reports, and SplashGL.

At SplashBI, we pride ourselves on our expertise in migrating 100,000s of workbooks, streamlining the process for our clients. SplashDM offers a range of flexible options, tailored to your unique needs. Choose to handle the migration independently, leverage our dedicated offshore migration service, collaborate with one of our esteemed partners, or engage us on a hybrid project.

The table on the left showcases just a few of the migration projects we’ve had the pleasure of working on with our clients, highlighting our commitment to their success.

One of our clients migrated an astounding 1,978 workbooks in a mere 42 days, demonstrating the power and efficiency of our solutions.

Customer Use Cases

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Are you ready to discover the benefits SplashDM can bring to your organization?

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