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Human Capital Management

In the current business environment, every company aims to enhance performance by attracting, engaging, and retaining top talent. However, people’s data often becomes fragmented across multiple platforms and sources, creating challenges in aligning this data with key metrics necessary for driving business growth.

Our mission is to empower organizations with actionable insights, enabling them to make informed, intelligent decisions that lead to improved business outcomes. We simplify this process by consolidating and analyzing your people data, bringing People Intelligence directly to your fingertips. We handle complexity, so you can focus on strategic growth and achieving your business goals.

Insights That Make a Difference

Pre-Built Analytics – Immediate Insights
Easily Configured / Highly Extensible
Robust Role-Based Security
Your Data, Your Way.
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Managing the Workforce

Effectively managing your workforce requires a comprehensive view of your organization. This holistic perspective allows you to make informed people decisions that enhance your business performance.

Integrating information from various systems like Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, and Cornerstone OnDemand can be challenging. This is where SplashBI for HR comes into play.

SplashBI for HR consolidates data from multiple sources, regardless of the system or structure, and analyzes it to provide the insights you need. With SplashBI, you can ask and answer the critical questions necessary for strategic workforce management.

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Tough Questions

What is our current headcount, and how has it changed over time?

Do we have an aging workforce, and are we prepared for potential mass retirements?

Are our managers overseeing too many or too few employees?

What is our organization’s turnover rate?

Is our employee growth accompanied by excessive churn?

Driving Business Improvements

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Armed with answers to these tough questions and many more, you’ll be equipped to drive significant improvements in your organization. Your decisions will be based on facts, not guesswork, leading to better business outcomes. Here are top examples of desired outcomes:

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Getting Focused

The management team can concentrate on building effective teams, enhancing overall productivity and performance.

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The HR department can focus on nurturing talent and creating robust succession plans to ensure future leadership and business continuity.

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Working Closely

Managers will have the tools to work more closely with their teams, fostering better communication and collaboration.

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Reducing Turnover

By providing quality experience to employees, you can significantly reduce turnover, retain top talent and maintain organizational stability.

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Instant Insights

With your employee data securely stored and compliant with stringent data protection and GDPR regulations in the SplashBI for HR data warehouse, you can gain immediate insights into your workforce. Leverage SplashBI for HR’s pre-built Dashboards, Charts, Analytics, and Reports to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

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Executive HR Dashboard

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Diversity & Inclusion

If an organization is to thrive in a competitive economy, diversity in the workplace is essential to bring balance. A diverse workforce drives economic growth, reduces turnover, and fosters innovation and creativity.

Hiring Diversity

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