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SplashLD Solutions:
Maximizing Oracle EBS Legacy Data.

SplashLD for Oracle E-Business Suite provides out-of-the-box reports & dashboards so that you can see trends across your different legacy systems.

SplashLD For EBS | SplashBI 6

Historical Transactions

SplashLD For EBS | SplashBI 7

You can view historical employee transactions using out-of-the-box reporting. The reports also provide drill-down capabilities to view additional details for each employee.

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Out-of-the-Box Reports

Bring your Historical EBS data with you while upgrading to a Cloud application. SplashLD for EBS provides 1000+ out-of-the-box reports designed to allow you to report on your legacy data.

SplashLD For EBS | SplashBI 8
SplashLD For EBS | SplashBI 9

Benefits & Enrollment

Your benefits team can instantly respond to employee and auditor requests by running a simple benefits enrollment report that can be configured to include dependents and beneficiaries.

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Access Additional Legacy Data

Access additional documents, including purchase orders or invoice details from your legacy systems, at the tip of your fingers.

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Additional Legacy Data Resources

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