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Streamlining Payroll Management with SplashBI for Legacy Data Solutions

Moving to a new payroll system is a complex task involving a lot of time and effort. As part of any implementation, you will be required to move the relevant information to process payroll in a new system. Your payroll team must also decide what to do with your historical data during this transition. Converting current payroll information is a complex problem, and SplashBI for Legacy Data helps your team move only the latest information without creating an overlap in your system.

Additionally, reporting with a birds-eye view of your historical payroll data allows you to compare the payroll spend or earnings trends over the years.

SplashLD For Payroll | SplashBI 5

Historical Pay Slips

SplashLD For Payroll | SplashBI 6

An employee’s historical pay slips are often required from internal audits, IRS Audits, and sometimes legal matters. SplashBI for Legacy Data gives you the tools to run a report and export the historical pay slips in one place.

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Payroll Department

Are you worried about how you will generate a two-year payroll register for a specific department, an employee, or a particular location? Just run a report in SplashBI for Legacy Data to get data at your fingertips!

SplashLD For Payroll | SplashBI 7
SplashLD For Payroll | SplashBI 8

Employee Documents

SplashBI for Legacy Data can also provide a unique solution to manage your historical employee documents, including Court Orders, W-2’s, etc. You won’t have to search through multiple folders to get this information again!

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