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Reporting & Analytics

for Oracle Fusion

Cloud Applications

SplashOC pre-built (real-time) reports provide comprehensive insights into your organization’s data with robust features such as automatic role-based security and flexfield reporting hosted on-premise & cloud (OCI or Amazon).

The SplashBI Difference

Bridge the gap in your organization’s data

Want to reconcile GL with subledgers? Review your invoice distributions? Wondering about Payroll Taxes or Garnishments / Third Party Payments? SplashOC can natively answer all these questions and much more.

Don’t get stuck with a learning curve

With an easy & intuitive platform, poor adoption or search for another solution is a thing of the past.

We take the complexity out of creating your own report

With SplashOC, users can create new or update existing reports without having to rely on a developer to code it.

Avoid serious violations of security policies

By inheriting 100% of Oracle’s existing security, enterprise data remains confidential and secured.

SplashOC | SplashBI 8

SplashOC Data Pipeline

Our dedicated SplashOC Data Pipeline for Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications replicates Cloud data from SaaS pods to an Oracle/Snowflake/SQL Server database. It delivers seamless integration with your enterprise data residing in the Oracle SaaS environments.

SplashOC also gives you full control over your data that you can use for other purposes, for example, populating your data lake or interfacing with other third-party/on-premises systems.

Oracle Fusion Reporting Architecture

SplashOC | SplashBI 10


• 550+ in-depth pre-built reports
• No data warehouse necessary
• Run / edit / modify reports directly in Excel in real-time
• 2 billion payroll rows downloaded from Oracle Fusion

• Easy Cross-Subject Area Real-time Operational Reporting
• Overcome the 75,000 row limit
• Consistent & streamlined reporting experience for US Payroll, ERP, and SCM Reports

• Ad Hoc report modifications
• Mask sensitive data
• Easily create your own customized data models & SQL-based reports
• 1.5TB data downloaded

Return On Investment

First thing that business leaders need immediately after going live on Oracle Fusion is operational reports. OTBI provides several pre-built reports but businesses quickly discover they are not all-encompassing and do not address some aspects. They subsequently embark on a custom report development journey using a combination of OTBI and BI Publisher.

Based on our industry experience, we have found that it is very labor-intensive process that take significant time, energy and eventually enterprises end up with a large set of custom reports that are not supported by Oracle nor the consulting vendor.

SplashOC | SplashBI 11

The above illustration shows the typical cost an organization might incur in developing customized operational reports using OTBI and BI Publisher whenever possible. The table also demonstrates the cost of same report within SplashBI. It is immediately evident that SplashBI pre-built reports deliver a more business centric and profitable return on investment vs. building those same reports using expensive consulting and in house opex.

Worried about how to archive and manage your EBS data while you move to Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications?

SplashLD provides a superior approach to customers and implementation partners for handling and transforming legacy data, Customers are assured that they will be compliant with any regulatory or internal audits and data retention requirements.


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Other Solutions

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SplashLD is the only platform that can archive your Enterprise’ historical data into easy-to-use reports.

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SplashGL gives you access to your data, drillable Oracle EBS and Oracle Cloud data right into Excel.

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Companies of all sizes use People Analytics to make informed decisions and improve

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SQL Connect by SplashBI offers connectivity to multiple Oracle ERP/SCM/HCM Pods…

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