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Oracle Fusion Cloud Reporting Tool & Solution

Streamline, Analyze, and Optimize Your Cloud Reporting

SplashOC transforms the way businesses access and analyze their cloud data, streamlining reporting and data management across various departments. With a wealth of expertly designed pre-built reports and a powerful data pipeline, SplashOC enables organizations to unlock the full potential of their data and make informed decisions for a competitive edge. Experience seamless integration, enhanced user experience, and comprehensive data coverage with SplashOC.

Data Pipeline

The SplashBI Difference

Bridge the gap in your organization’s data

Want to reconcile GL with subledgers? Review your invoice distributions? Wondering about Payroll Taxes or Garnishments / Third Party Payments? SplashOC can natively answer all these questions and much more.

Don’t get stuck with a learning curve

With an easy & intuitive platform, poor adoption or search for another solution is a thing of the past.

We take the complexity out of creating your own report

With SplashOC, users can create new or update existing reports without having to rely on a developer to code it.

Avoid serious violations of security policies

By inheriting 100% of Oracle’s existing security, enterprise data remains confidential and secured.

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Speed to Market: Expert Reports Ready to Use

SplashOC offers a comprehensive reporting solution that combines the convenience of pre-built reports and the flexibility of customizations for an efficient, streamlined user experience.

Key Benefits:

  • 600+ expertly designed pre-built reports: Access a wealth of ready-to-use reports to jumpstart your analysis, saving time and effort for various teams and departments.
  • Exclusive ExcelConnect technology: Take advantage of a unique real-time reporting tool that allows you to run reports, create ad-hoc queries, and build dynamic Excel dashboards.
  • Consistent visualizations: Maintain your report’s formats, graphs, pivots, and formulas with each refresh, ensuring a uniform presentation of your data.
  • Customizable subject areas: Tailor your analysis by creating new subject areas, expanding the scope and depth of your insights.
  • In-depth data coverage: Retrieve up to 2 million rows per report execution for a comprehensive and detailed examination of your data.

Discover the full potential of your data with SplashOC’s powerful features and user-centric design.

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Unlock Oracle Cloud Data: Query and Customize Your Reporting Experience

Elevate your Oracle Cloud reporting with SQL Connect by SplashBI. This robust solution allows connection to multiple Oracle Fusion PODs, executing ad-hoc SQL queries, and effortless data extraction to CSV or Excel. SQL Connect complements SplashOC, providing advanced functionality that enables IT teams to develop custom reports quickly and accurately.

SQL Connect’s standout feature, Intellisense, suggests code and auto-completes commands, boosting productivity. Perfect for developers, analysts, or business users, SQL Connect simplifies Oracle Cloud development, allowing you to concentrate on data analysis and informed decision-making.

Adopted by Oracle partners and hundreds of end-users, SQL Connect enhances the Oracle Cloud experience and makes data management more accessible. Explore SQL Connect’s full capabilities and unlock your Oracle Cloud reporting potential. Discover how this game-changing tool can improve your reporting experience.

Seamless Integration Simplified: Data Pipeline

Data extraction from software applications like Oracle Fusion can be complex and challenging. Conventional methods often result in difficult-to-analyze formats, hindering your ability to incorporate valuable data into your business processes.

The SplashOC Data Pipeline simplifies this process. Our dedicated solution for Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications effortlessly replicates Cloud data and integrates it with familiar databases like Oracle, Snowflake, and SQL Server. Enjoy a seamless connection to your enterprise data in Oracle SaaS environments and maintain full control over your data for various purposes, such as updating your data lake or interfacing with other systems.

The SplashOC Data Pipeline’s innovative, automated replication solution eliminates extraction challenges and empowers you to analyze and use your data effectively. Unlock the full potential of your Oracle Fusion data and streamline your business processes with the SplashOC Data Pipeline.

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Elevate Your Cloud-Based Financial Reporting

Experience the powerful combination of SplashOC Pipeline and SplashGL to generate financial reporting for Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP. Empower your Accounting and Finance teams to build on-demand financial statements directly in Excel, with one-click refreshes for up-to-date General Ledger balances and effortless drill-down capabilities.

SplashOC combined with SplashGL will revolutionize the month-end closing process by streamlining Oracle Financial Reporting. With SplashGL, seamlessly explore Balances, Journals, and Subledger details while utilizing valuable research tools like Balance Inquiry, Journal Inquiry, and Trial Balance Report, all featuring drillable insights.

Unlock the full potential of your financial data with SplashOC and SplashGL, which seamlessly integrate with your Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP. Enjoy reduced errors, increased time for analysis, and swift adaptation to changing business conditions. Discover the SplashOC difference and transform your financial reporting process today.

Pre-Built Analytics: Propel Your HR and Finance to New Heights

Unlock valuable insights with SplashBI’s pre-built analytics, specifically designed for HR and Finance departments working with Oracle Cloud Applications data. Our intuitive solutions enable you to dive deep into your data, uncovering new perspectives for data-driven decision-making and business growth.

HR Analytics: Unveil your workforce’s potential by analyzing employee performance, retention, workforce planning, and talent management. Finance Analytics: Effortlessly navigate your financial landscape, monitoring key metrics and trends to optimize your organization’s financial health. With our ready-to-use reports and dashboards, streamline your analysis and stay ahead of the competition.

Embrace SplashBI’s pre-built analytics for your cloud data in HR and Finance, transforming how you access and interpret your data, and ensuring you have the insights needed to excel in today’s competitive business environment.

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Marketecture: Oracle and SplashBI Working Together

SplashOC | SplashBI 12


• Over 600 comprehensive pre-built reports
• No need for a data warehouse
• Real-time report management in Excel
• 2 billion payroll rows extracted from Oracle Fusion

• Simplified cross-subject area real-time reporting
• Access to 2 million data rows
• Unified reporting for US Payroll, ERP, and SCM

• Effortless ad hoc report adjustments
• Data masking for sensitive information
• Custom data models & SQL reports made easy

Return On Investment

First thing that business leaders need immediately after going live on Oracle Fusion is operational reports. OTBI provides several pre-built reports but businesses quickly discover they are not all-encompassing and do not address some aspects. They subsequently embark on a custom report development journey.

Based on our industry experience, we have found that it is very labor-intensive process that take significant time, energy and eventually enterprises end up with a large set of custom reports that are not supported by Oracle nor the consulting vendor.

SplashOC | SplashBI 13

The above illustration shows the typical cost an organization might incur in developing customized operational reports whenever possible. The table also demonstrates the cost of same report within SplashBI. It is immediately evident that SplashBI pre-built reports deliver a more business centric and profitable return on investment vs. building those same reports using expensive consulting and in house opex.

Worried about how to archive and manage your EBS data while you move to Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications?

SplashLD provides a superior approach to customers and implementation partners for handling and transforming legacy data, Customers are assured that they will be compliant with any regulatory or internal audits and data retention requirements.


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Other Solutions for Oracle Cloud

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Data & Legacy Applications

SplashLD is the only platform that can archive your Enterprise’ historical data into easy-to-use reports.

SplashOC | SplashBI 14

Oracle Financial Reporting

SplashGL gives you access to your data, drillable Oracle EBS and Oracle Cloud data right into Excel.

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