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SplashOC | Data Pipeline For Oracle Cloud 5
SplashOC | Data Pipeline For Oracle Cloud 6

Data Extraction from

Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications

Extracting data from SaaS applications has always been a challenge and Oracle Fusion is no exception. Extraction mechanisms that already exist produce a CSV/text file making it extremely hard to analyze and incorporate into business processes.

The industry leading SplashOC Data Pipeline overcomes this challenge by providing an automated, table-to-table replication solution that extracts data from Oracle Fusion and makes it available in familiar databases such as Oracle, Snowflake and Microsoft SQL Server.

SplashOC | Data Pipeline For Oracle Cloud 7

Why Data Pipeline?


Data Extraction

Data extracted from Oracle Fusion can be used to develop business analytics using tools such as Tableau, SplashBI, PowerBI etc. These tools natively connect to databases so reporting and analytics becomes quite simple and easy. No need to manually consume CSV files.


Data Pipeline also enables Oracle Fusion data integrated into on-premises systems, data lakes or other legacy applications.

Incremental Mode

SplashOC Data pipeline’s Incremental mode ensures that only “changed” data is extracted. This dramatically reduces the amount of data in transit.


Data Pipeline can be scheduled to run on pre-determined times, or, it can be executed on-demand.


  • Fusion data needed for Enterprise reporting
  • Use SplashOC pipeline to extract and replicate data directly into snowflake
  • BICC can’t connect to Snowflake Database
  • CSV extraction very cumbersome


  • Use SplashOC pipeline to extract data directly into Snowflake
  • No need to manipulate CSVs
  • Set data extraction on a schedule

Example Use Case – Cloud Security Organization

A large Cloud Security Solutions organization wanted to extract data from Oracle Fusion Applications to enable their Enterprise reporting from Snowflake data warehouse. OTBI, BI Publisher and BICC could not establish connection with Snowflake database so the IT team had to resort to manual CSV file loads into Snowflake. As the data volumes grew over the years, manual CSV file handling quickly became cumbersome and prone to errors. Keeping future scalability in mind, the organization’s leaders implemented the SplashOC data pipeline.

The overarching plan now is to schedule the data pipeline to extract data frequently and automatically populate the Snowflake data warehouse. Certain fast-moving tables will be extracted from Oracle Fusion on-demand as and when business leaders need them. Their enterprise reporting tool’s Snowflake connectivity combined with SplashOC Data Pipeline’s data extraction skills will enable comprehensive business analytics for their consumers.

Example Use Case – Public School System

A large-sized public school system migrated to Oracle Fusion Applications from a legacy Microsoft ERP. They were looking for a scalable solution that would help them with PowerBI Enterprise Datawarehouse reporting and also provide cross-application reporting with on-premises systems. Business users were initially executing OTBI and BI Publisher reports, manually export data into Excel spreadsheets and then mash up those spreadsheets with other sources in PowerBI. This was an extremely manual process that took disproportionately large amount of time and effort.

They also explored BICC but did not find the manual/CSV processing very efficient. BICC also produces text based output that left IT team to figure out how to get those CSVs loaded into database. After implementing SplashOC data pipeline, data is now automatically downloaded into their on-premises MS SQL Server data warehouse. The automated background process executes at pre-defined intervals and data becomes available in the warehouse – no CSVs to handle, no text to parse. The extracted data is easily consumed by their Enterprise reporting and analytics solution i.e. PowerBI.


  • Use Oracle Fusion data for PowerBI analytics
  • PowerBI connects with Microsoft SQL Server Database
  • OTBI, BI Publisher, BICC can’t connect with on-premises Microsoft Database


  • Extract Fusion data into MS SQL Server database using SplashOC pipeline
  • Automate extraction and save countless manhours
  • Utilize in-house talent pool of Microsoft technologies

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