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The Impact of SQL Connect: Chewy’s Journey Towards Efficient Data Management

The Impact of SQL Connect:

Chewy’s Journey Towards Efficient Data Management

Ho-Chunk Inc. relied on three separate Human Capital Management (HCM) platforms: Ceridian Dayforce for HR and payroll, iCIMS for recruitment, and BizLibrary for training. However, these solutions operated in isolation, complicating data-driven decisions. Ho-Chunk Inc. struggled in the absence of a unified reporting solution to combine data and insights across all HCM tools. This led to difficulties in generating cross-domain reports and addressing primary challenges such as data integrity, lengthy turnaround times for custom reports, and holistic data sets for informed decision-making

We are thrilled with the implementation of SplashBI’s People Analytics and Reporting solution. It has transformed our HR operations, eliminated manual processes and providing us with invaluable insights. The automation has saved us significant time and effort, allowing us to focus on strategic decision-making. SplashBI has truly been the best implementation partner.

Carole Johnson
Project Manager Ho-Chunk Inc


Discover how Chewy, a leading US pet retailer, transformed its data efficiency with SQL Connect by SplashBI. Facing challenges with BI Publisher Admin, Chewy sought a user-friendly solution, leading them to adopt SQL Connect. With approximately 18,000 employees and serving over 20 million pet parents, Chewy’s transition to SQL Connect streamlined data consolidation and reporting processes. According to Aravind Chencharapu, Lead Software Engineer at Chewy, “SQL Connect has significantly improved our efficiency in consolidating and reconciling data, running queries, and generating reports.”

This case study highlights how SQL Connect became a game-changer for Chewy, revolutionizing their data querying and reporting workflows.

“I have been amazed by the capabilities of SQL Connect. This tool has greatly simplified the integration of Oracle ERP with other microservices and WMS systems at Chewy. With SQL Connect, we can now analyze data and retrieve information quickly, which has had a positive impact on our decision-making processes.”

Aravind Chencharapu
Lead Software Engineer at Chewy

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