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Top 3 Tools for Data Driven Sales

Top 3 Tools for Data Driven Sales

Even the sales world has been bitten with “data fever”. Long gone are the days of rainmaker, Don Draper type sales people – especially in technical sales. Clients, management, and reps all want access to data to drive strategy and operations; that’s why it’s ever-important to equip yourself with the proper tools to make sense of all the data.    Here are the top 3 things the new generation sales person needs in their toolkit:

  1. Effective CRM (customer relationship management) Systems and Processes
    1. This is the foundation to efficiently leveraging data. If there is not an effective system and process, the data is useless.
  2. On demand access to data
    1. Can you access your data from everywhere (web, mobile, Excel)? Are you able to see transactional data and data visualizations? Can you share your data for collaboration? The insights you gather from your data are useless unless you are able to share them with the people that matter.
  3. Problem Solving Abilities
    1. Can you marry the data available to you with the customer’s problem then provide the right solution?

After understanding the customer’s problem, the next step is to provide the solution. With these 3 tools in your toolkit, you will be able to effectively leverage a data driven approach with your client.

Getting Started With Data Driven Sales

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