SplashBI Dashboards

Dashboards Illustrate Your Organization

Begin your data driven quest for Actionable Intelligence with SplashBI’s interactive Dashboards.  Quickly and easily combine data from disparate systems in one landscape, giving end users total visibility of their department or the organization as a whole!

  • Connect to multiple applications
  • Data mash-ups to combine your data
  • Real-time transactional data
  • Drill down to view various levels of data analysis
Dashboard Template Example 1

Personalized Options

Add company logos to your charts or dashboards.  Include instructions or additional titles directly inside the dashboard.  Even white label the executed dashboard to give your visualizations that personal flair.

Add Tabs for Depth

Looking to increase the analytical ability of your visualizations?  Use the ‘Tabs’ feature in SplashBI to enhance the story being told.  Build dashboards for entire departments, with data segregated in specific tabs.

Schedule & Distribute

Allow your dashboards to automatically refresh the data being shown on a specific schedule.  Share the dashboard with other users in your organization for added collaboration amongst your peers!

Intuitive Design

The SplashBI Visual Composer allows for users to customize the layout of their dashboard.  Use either a predesigned format or place and resize charts exactly how you want to see them quickly and easily!

Drill Down

With varying options to choose from, users can drill down their data from one chart to another, from a chart to a report, or even connecting your visualization to an outside URL.

Dashboard Formats

Fine tune your comprehensive charts using custom parameters.  Apply the filtered changes to an individual chart, or watch it impact the whole dashboard!


Start Making Smarter Decisions With Your Data

Blend. Report. Visualize. Analyze.