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SplashBI Visual Composer

Create your visual analytics in SplashBI using simple drag & drop.  Mashup your data to view data from various systems and applications.  Analyze your visualizations to identify anomalies and inefficiencies in your business operations.

The Visual Composer opens the door to full customization.  Dashboards can be assembled to reflect visual requirements, while allowing data from various sources to be displayed simultaneously.  Build charts to exact specifications render your data to a particular visual scheme.

visual composer 1
Visual Composer 1

Dashboard Formats

Don’t want to stress the layout of your Dashboard?  SplashBI provides users with pre-configured layout options for your dashboard pages.  Select the one that works the best and simply fill in the area with the appropriate chart.

Visual Composer 2

Simple Chart Creation

Drag & Drop columns as specified Dimensions and Measures to populate the chart with data.  Customize the options, including visual styles and plotting colors, and even include trigger codes and calculation columns!

Visual Composer 3


Come up with custom titles for your charts and dashboards.  Include images and company logos to give your visualizations that personalized style.  Save messages or instructions on your dashboard landscape to ensure analytical accuracy.

Charts - The Building Blocks Of Your Dashboard

Visual Composer 4

Easy to Build

As with the other areas of SplashBI, Chart creation is made easier using drag & drop functionality.  Add columns from your tables to the dimensions and measures to populate data.  Add other columns to the filters and sorts to enhance the view.

Visual Composer 5

Live Preview

See how you are doing live, on the fly!  As you add more columns to view, SplashBI will intuitively change the visual style to reflect the new included data.  Want to make sure your filter works appropriately?  Give it a test, and the live preview will reflect the changes!

Visual Composer 6

Drill Down

Control how you dive into your data.  In SplashBI, users can drill down from a chart to a chart, a chart to a dashboard, a chart to a report, or even a chart to an outside URL!

Visual Composer 7

Custom Properties

Take full control of how your chart appears.  Properties available for customization include plotting colors, trend lines, canvas options, tool tips, and more!

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