splashbi for oracle hcm

SplashBI for Oracle HCM

SplashBI is now presenting next generation reporting solutions for Oracle HCM users by every measure...

what is splashbi

What is SplashBI

SplashBI is a business intelligence and analytics software that enables users to create beautiful data visualizations and reports. Learn more...

splashbi for marketing

SplashBI for Marketing

Get the insights your marketing team needs with the ultimate data tracking software. Monitor campaigns...

splashbi for sales

SplashBI for Sales

Learn more about how SplashBI can help leverage various tools to provide sales solutions for your team...


SplashBI – Discoverer Migration

Looking for a discoverer alternative or replacement? Learn more about SplashiBI's Discoverer Migration...


Oracle Reporting

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SplashBI – Dashboards

Make managing data simple with SplashBI's easy to create dashboards. In this article we go over how to use dashboards...


SplashBI – GL Connect

Learn more about SplashBI's GL Connect for Oracle EBS; for analysts building on-demand financial reports...


Excel Reporting with SplashBI

Run your reports directly in Excel! Learn more about how to use SplashBI as an add-in for Excel...