Innovative Reporting

Is getting the right data out of EBS in the format you need, when you need it, a time-consuming and frustrating process? SplashBI will streamline your oracle reporting with a feature-rich, innovative reporting platform that provides outputs in any format, including Excel, PDF, CSV, and HTML. It can speed up your reporting periods by automating processes and removing human interventions, thereby reducing the chance of errors. Features include:

  • Over 1,300 ready to use reports
  • Full date tracking in HCM Suite
  • Drilldown to subledger details from the GL
  • View previously executed reports instantly
  • Quickly add almost any field in a table without IT
  • Hundreds of views automatically generated to match business requirements and application specific configurations (including DFFs, EITs, SITs, KFFs, etc)

Seeded Reports

SplashBI provides more than 1,300 pre-built reports and views across EBS. These reports cover much of your standard reporting, as well as provide solid starting points for your customizations. Reports cover more than 35 EBS modules, including:

  • Financials – GL, AP, AR, FA, CM, iExp….
  • HCM – HR, Payroll, OAB, OTL, OLM, iRec, CWB…
  • Projects – PA, PM, GMS…
  • Supply Chain – IV, OM, PO, ASCP….
  • Manufacturing – WIP, BOM, CM, MRP, QA…
  • Plus CRM, Assets, Service Management, and More

Features everyone loves

Interactive Visualizations

Dashboards are a key management tool that allow the tracking of metrics, trends, KPIs, and other key data points to improve analysis and decision making. SplashBI believes this shouldn’t have to be an overly complex process only used by data scientists. That is why we have added many features and functionalities that are easy to learn and utilize to produce beautiful, informative dashboards.

Learn more about SplashBI's Visualizations

100% EBS Security

SplashBI includes a pre-built connector and pre-built reports for Oracle EBS, and will read and adhere to your security setups, providing peace of mind that users will only see the data they are meant to see. These setups include:

  • EBS Responsibilities Security Groups
  • Data Groups

Pre-Built Dashboards

Additionally, we have pre-built dashboards for the following EBS modules:

  • Purchasing
  • Accounts Payables
  • Order Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Project Accounting

Financial Reporting in Excel

For many users, the most commonly used output format for reporting is Excel. This is, of course, where the analyzing, formatting, and more take place. So why not run your reports directly in Excel? With most other tools this isn’t an option, but SplashBI provides an Add-In for Excel that allows you to do just that!

Learn about SplashBI's Excel Plugin

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