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HR Data from Hire to Retire at your Fingertips

HR Data from Hire to Retire at your Fingertips

One thing that is common across HR Departments is the challenges they face in keeping up to date with business demand. These challenges continually force them to improve the efficiency of the HR process, from the Hire to Retire.

Below is the 360-degree view of what a complete hire to retire process looks like:

HR Data from Hire to Retire at your Fingertips 6

With a decade of experience in implementing, upgrading, and supporting the HR application at various mid-size and large-size companies, what we found is that the HR operations are always looking for data. Data from multiple sources across the organization is analyzed and used to make crucial decisions

About SplashBI

SplashBI is a powerful tool that can assist in your Hire to Retire Process.

SplashBI not only gathers data from several systems but also allows you to create a single repository across your organization.

You no longer need to fetch the data from various sources, merge it, and clean it to create a report. It’s all done in the back end, along with smart interactive data visualizations, dashboards and charts.