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Marketing Reporting and Analytics. Everyone does it, but not everyone does it well. With SplashBI you can be exceptional. Get the big and little picture of all your data across all marketing channels and technologies; now marketers can have Actionable Intelligence to make data-driven decisions and have a positive impact on their department’s ROI.

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Generate More Leads

Get a comprehensive view of your marketing funnel.

SplashBI does the work for you. By connecting your marketing apps to SplashBI, you can view all your lead management processes in one place. Using pre-built SplashBI dashboards you can monitor and analyze where your leads are being acquired.

SplashBI provides the ability for marketers to analyze their funnel and find out which lead generation efforts are producing results, and which are not.

Track Their Entire Journey

SplashBI’s approach to marketing overcomes the massive obstacle that most, if not all, companies face – a segregated data mind. With sales only having access to sales data, and marketing only having access to marketing data, there exists a large inefficiency in reporting, communication, and conversion tracking.

With SplashBI’s cross application capabilities, marketers can easily track leads throughout the funnel. Once a lead has been generated through marketing efforts and is passed along to sales, SplashBI pulls data from your company’s sales CRM (see SFDC page) and plugs it into a prebuilt marketing dashboard, allowing you to track the progress of your leads.

Measure Marketing ROI

How is SplashBI tracking marketing budget and matching it to won opportunities?

Marketing return on investment is the first thing managers and company leaders are interested in seeing. Ironically it is one of the most difficult KPI’s to track. Not anymore. By tracking leads and blending your company’s marketing and sales data, SplashBI matches marketing spend from lead generation with closed deals to show marketers and managers how much money was spent, what was acquired, and how profitable the outcome was.

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Data Visualization

A Pre-Built Analytics Solution For Everyone!

SplashBI not only addresses the needs of the Marketing team but can also provide analytics and reports for other departments. Whether you are an Executive or in Sales, SplashBI can help you understand the story hidden within your data. What is your story?

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We have a huge need to future proof our reporting and utilize data from other sources. SplashBI has allowed us to not only do that, but look at our data in a more analytical way.

Claire ReeveNorfolk County Government

Not much to say here. If you need a BI tool, you will do you yourself a disfavor by not taking a serious look at SplashBI. I have found SplashBI easier and faster to use at every level: installation, configuration, set-up, administration, and end user.

Bob HerifordSolutions4Less

We looked at several different products before purchasing SplashBI. Ultimately SplashBI had the right combination of features, price, Linux support, and out of the box content.

Veer SurapaneniEnervest

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