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Marketing Reporting and Analytics. Everyone does it, but not everyone does it well. With SplashBI you can be exceptional. Get the big and little picture of all your data across all marketing channels and technologies; now marketers can have Actionable Intelligence to make data-driven decisions and have a positive impact on their department’s ROI.

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KPIs, Benchmarks, & Trends

Marketing reports are only as good as the metrics they measure. Learn how to make the most of your metrics and discover important insights from the data with SplashBI…

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Cross Application & Object

Gone are the days of tirelessly hopping between Excel and all your marketing applications to make a marketing report. Now connect to all the applications you gather data from and access it in one place.

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Return On Investment

Most marketers fall short in their ability to measure Marketing ROI.  Many stop with the out-of-the box reports within their CRM system, marketing automation, and the like. Data such as the number…

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Access Anywhere

For Marketers on the go, SplashBI’s Mobile capability is in your pocket 24×7.  Access your Marketing Data, Reports, and Analytics anytime on your mobile device.  With Real-time access…

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Answer Tough Questions at a Glance

Lead Generation

How do your marketing investments impact lead generation?

Conversion Rates

Are your current systems helping or hurting your conversion rates?

Pipeline Growth

Is the pipeline growing in proportion to marketing spend?
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Start Making Smarter Decisions With Your Data

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