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Sales Analytics With SplashCRM

SplashBI gives users the sales intelligence needed to develop a winning strategy.  By using our supplied data models and sales reports and dashboards, it’s easy to get access to all the information needed for better pipeline management, forecast planning and ultimately increased revenue.

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Measure Team Performance

Sales Managers need data to track their team performance against established goals and objectives. Inspect what you Expect and watch the success of your team grow.

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Metrics :–
Help you evaluate performance and insure you have the right resource on the right opportunity. Better manage your time!
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Sales KPI’s :- 
From quota attainment to average deal size, from your opportunity to deal conversion rate to daily activities, we got you covered.
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Analysis :–
Give your team the feedback it needs to succeed, spend your time as a mentor and coach and the the out of the box strategic thinker you need to be.
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Pipeline & Lead Analysis

Close more deals faster…

Stay focused and always be closing. Monitor which lead sources lead to the best opportunities. What sales activities or calls to action deliver the greatest impact and where is there sales blockage that you can fix and control. There is a science to a sales pipeline that leads to closed deals.

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Sales Forecasts

The Art of Selling and Predicting Revenue

Be better able to estimate future sales in both the short and long term. Gain insight to revenue growth, market penetration and company cash flow. Armed with up-to-date data you can make better, more informed business decisions.

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Start Making Smarter Decisions With Your Data

Blend. Report. Visualize. Analyze.