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What More Can You Do With Your Salesforce Data

Answering simple questions in SFDC can be completed by a single report, but what if you wanted to answer more complex questions?

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Terminate Old Tools – Discoverer Problems

We are seeing more and more organizations run into unexpected issues during their...

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Integrate Your HCM Systems with Ease!

SplashBI’s integration platform can help make the integration of HCM system easy, allowing you to concentrate on the more important things you have to do...

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You’ve got Discoverer. We’ve Got Options!

In this webinar we will go over how to transition from Discoverer Workbooks and Business Areas into dynamic SplashBI reports...

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Simplify Your Accounting and Financial Reporting

In this webinar we go over how to implement and utilize SplashBI's suite of Excel solutions, and also our GL Connect solution...

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Self-Service Reporting and Dashboards: 101

Learn how to use and create dashboards, run reports, pull data straight from Excel, access your data from mobile devices, and more!

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Efficiency gains using GL Connect at the University of Oxford

In this webinar the University of Oxford details GL Connect, reporting before GL Connect, benefits of GL connect, and more!

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SplashBI: It’s Do-It-Yourself Business Intelligence!

Forget paying an arm and a leg for licensing, training and consulting. SplashBI costs a fraction of the big guys, and puts the power of reporting and dashboarding in the hands of the users! View this webinar on-demand and see SplashBI in action.

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The Sales and Marketing Funnel: Bigger and Better Analytics

In many organizations, there is not always an alignment of Sales and Marketing Goals. Leveraging the right data and metrics from various systems...

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Does your data tell a story? Dashboards and Visualizations with ease!

Dashboards and visualizations offer unique perspectives on your data that can't be seen simply through Excel spreadsheets...

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GL Connect – Building Financial Statements

In this webinar we focus on building financial statements with the GL Connect solution against Oracle E-Business Suite...

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Mini Series: Excel Connect – Running and Refreshing Reports

Join us in this webinar as we demonstrate the time savings and easy of use of our Excel Connect solution for your reporting!

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Mini Series: Reporting 101 from SplashBI

In this webinar, we will show you how simple running reports with SplashBI can be, no matter what application you use!

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Mini Series: SplashBI – Ad hoc and Editing Reports

Join us and learn how you can take reporting into your own hands! This webinar goes over making copies of your report and adding or removing columns, changing formats...

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Mini Series: SplashBI – Dashboards and Visualizations

In this webinar, we will show you just how easy it can be to create a meaningful dashboard! Learn how you can bring dashboarding into your data life!

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Mini-Series: GL Connect – All About Drill Downs

This week, we focus on the various drill down capabilities within General Ledger Connect against Oracle E-Business Suite...

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Leveraging Descriptive Analytics

Join this live webinar and see how SplashBI can fulfill your reporting and BI foundation with robust, interactive, easy-to-use, and affordable Descriptive analytics solutions...


Avoiding a Compatibility Catastrophe Discoverer, Microsoft, & Java

Join our webinar as we discuss what potential issues might be encountered should you stay on on Discoverer, while running Microsoft, Java, and Oracle, as well as how you can mitigate these risks with the SplashBI platform.

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You’ve Got Oracle EBS…Now What?

In this webinar, we will show you how to streamline your reporting and analytics processes, and get better insights into your data with SplashBI!