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What is Drill Down Capability & Drill Down Analysis?

What is Drill Down Capability & Drill Down Analysis?

What is Drill Down Capability?

Drill down capability is an essential feature in BI, used for making reports more useful and powerful. It helps the users to visualize data thoroughly and in a detailed fashion. For any level of data, drill-down is a feature used to get a more granular overview of the data rather than a general view.

When you are looking at a report, say the report generated by the sales team and you want to look at the revenue based on geography. You can select a country, and “drill down” to more definitive semantics like state, city, town, and zip code. You can go deep into the specific details of the information you need for analysis.

As long as there is data to support, you can drill down to multi-level of data. Although the look of the report remains the same, it gives you insights on the data granularity. Another such feature is the drill through, which displays relevant data instead of providing a more granular level of the information.

The Many Benefits of Drill Down Capability:

The user gains a more in-depth insight into data. For example, if you are looking at sales figures, a user can find out how the statistics are making sense. From answering questions like, which states are performing? Which are not? Which territories can perform better? Etc.

It helps to enhance reporting and reporting performance. It allows the users to present layers of data by eliminating the load on the server. Also, reduce query time and improve performance. It adds significant value for the end-user, high usability and ease.

What is Drill Down Analysis?

When you dive into data, you understand that it is necessary to know the root causes of any information. A drill-down analysis is an intuitive way to find out just that with flexibility. In other words, drill-down analysis means to get detailed data on a summary of information emphasizing on a specific thing.

With business intelligence, drill-down is performed by choosing and querying data with as little as a click on the mouse and gain insights on the underlying data. It helps you run queries in a database and write scripts for specific paths. It depends on the data granularity.
A Drill Down analysis offers an interactive way to display data points and visualize the level of data without compromising or changing the underlying query.

How are Drill-Down Capability and Drill-Down Analysis Helpful?

Drill Down reports are essential for interactive features that involve self-service analytics. With business intelligence, a non-tech user can create, edit, complete, generate, analyze reports and make decisions with the support of the reports.

Drill-Down plays a vital role in breaking down data and providing a comprehendible data for easy understanding. It lets you look at the multidimensional data by browsing through one level of data to another.

With Drill-Down, a user can get a specific representation of data and its granular level with just a few clicks. It exists in the user interface.

For analytical purposes, drill down offers you to get deep into any reports. With it, you can view data in various ways, eliminating the need for creating new dashboards, visualizations or new reports. It interactively investigates different layers of data for visualizing one particular thing in context.

Garnering data insights quickly through reports allow the users to look at data easily within different layers and still being in a single report view. It hugely supports server performance and server querying times.


In SplashBI, reports come with special drill-down function. This function is designed to extract precise information as part of the underlying data attached to the report. Dynamic drill-downs are produced using a query, or a set of queries.

SplashBI enables you to connect separate reports with an enhanced drill down option. It helps you move from a transactional Sales Report to your Inventory Control Report with a just a click of a button. Prepare your staff to make appropriate decisions to continue moving the business forward.


The Drill-down capability allows you to explore multidimensional data by navigating from a broader level down to the next. It exists in the user interface for users to click on some representation of data to reveal granular levels of it. They enable you to dig deeper into reports for analytical purposes.

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