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Introducing SplashBI Software Version 4.3

Introducing SplashBI Software Version 4.3

Introducing SplashBI Software Version 4.3 1

We are proud to announce the release of SplashBI Software Version 4.3 this fall. Not only does 4.3 mean new enhancements and features to our current products, but also the introduction of two brand new solutions: People Analytics and GL Connect Plus.

With our new People Analytics solution – which comes with 500 HR metrics – HR departments can finally have access to KPIs that answer hundreds of HR questions in areas of recruitment, development, compensation, diversity and retention.

And this insight isn’t just limited to HR. GL Connect Plus allows for analysts to build on-demand financial reports, reconciliations and much more, and it has been developed to integrate seamlessly with Oracle Cloud ERP. The features of this product are therefore unique in the market, and allow users to utilize Microsoft Excel as their front end reporting tool. There is no need to rely on a vendor or integration partner, as these out-of-the box tools allow users to get their own results in weeks instead of months.

What’s new and improved with 4.3?

From connectors to configurations, this exciting upgrade comes with an array of enhancements to our current product range. Our multi-language functionality has expanded to Latin American Spanish, Italian and Dutch, and based on customer feedback, we have improved the performance within our pre-built analytics in areas including navigation and switching between reports, all of which come with the latest security features.

Our Co-Founder, President and Chief Architect, Kiran Reddy Pasham comments:

“With more and more of our customers moving to the Cloud, it is the capabilities of SplashBI 4.3 that will help with this transition. 4.3 is a robust platform which shows we are expanding not only in the pre-built analytics space but also the core BI space, moving towards AI and machine learning. Our solutions help enhance the performance of not only the workforce, but also its leaders, which is ultimately what underpins a business’ success.”

For more information on our SplashBI 4.3 get in touch by email here.

About SplashBI:

At SplashBI, we create tangible value for our clients by providing powerful, cost-effective business intelligence solutions. We help organizations make data-driven business decisions. Our platform provides the functionality to easily create, modify and run dashboards and reports anywhere, anytime with both on-cloud and on-premise connectivity. From data visualizations to integrations, implementations and upgrades—we stand by our clients as partners, advisors, and friends.

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