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SplashBI, Global Leader in Analytics & Reporting, announces the successful acquisition of ORACLE CLOUD TOOLS

SplashBI, Global Leader In Analytics & Reporting, Announces The Successful Acquisition Of ORACLE CLOUD TOOLS

Duluth, GA, November 17, 2020 | SplashBI, Global Leader in Analytics & Reporting, announces the successful acquisition of ORACLE CLOUD TOOLS (  Integration of the companies will start immediately.  With the acquisition of ORACLE CLOUD TOOLS and its flagship product, SQLConnect, SplashBI adds an incredibly powerful new Query tool to their Oracle Cloud Applications (ERP/HCM/SCM/CX) Reporting & Analytics Portfolio. 

“This acquisition will allow our customers to connect in real-time and pull their data from Oracle Cloud Applications.  This is truly a game changer for many in our community,” says Kiran Pasham, President & Chief Architect of SplashBI. “Organizations running Oracle Cloud ERP, Oracle Cloud HCM, Oracle Cloud SCM, Oracle CX Cloud that have been missing Query tools like TOAD, SQL Navigator, etc. will now have access to a simplified way to perform any and all ad hoc queries, access real-time data capabilities, and the power to easily export the data to CSV or Excel. This is especially true for those migrating from on-premise applications, such as Oracle EBS or PeopleSoft, to the Cloud. Great news for them is they will no longer lose access to the database. Built-in Intellisense, SQL formatting, Cloud Database browser and cutting-edge web-service driven technology will significantly increase the productivity of Cloud development teams. With both Windows and Mac support, developers will be free to use the platform of their choice. And the best part, SQL Connect will be available as a Fully-Functional Free-Trial Download on our website. ” 

The acquisition of Oracle Cloud Tools fits into SplashBI’s strategy in helping organizations leverage their enterprise data to improve efficiency and net positive business outcomes. 

“I am incredibly excited to welcome the Oracle Cloud Tools client base to the SplashBI family! This acquisition will be a huge benefit to both our client bases.  SplashBI Customers will get the benefit of an enhanced real-time experience from the organization’s new capabilities and can save 20% in time and effort by eliminating the development and support typically required with these types of projects.” adds Naveen Miglani, CEO of SplashBI.  “Oracle Cloud Tools’ clients have been using SQLConnect for ad-hoc technical queries regularly, but with SplashBI, they can graduate to the next level with industry-leading pre-built content, dashboard visualizations, Excel plug-ins, and much more. SplashBI can dramatically reduce costs related to in-house development and support/maintenance of custom reports that organizations may have built.  In the end, Oracle Cloud Tools’ Solution, SQLConnect, is the perfect complement to the SplashBI portfolio as both client bases will be able to enjoy the efficiencies & capabilities both solutions bring to the table.” 

About SplashBI

SplashBI empowers organizations to understand the full story behind their data with its business analytics platform. SplashBI enables an organization’s users to make data driven decisions by providing them with the necessary Actionable Intelligence – anywhere or anytime. SplashBI is offered on cloud or on premise and comes with a great amount of pre-built content (reports/dashboards) and data models to help organizations get started quickly.

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