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Executives make smarter decisions with data.

Data that comes even a few days late can be outdated and unusable. With real-time data analysis and visual dashboards, you can make real-time decisions that drive your revenue forward. Identify your highest priorities with intelligence and data visualization tools built around your business.

Answer Tough Questions

Which product has the best pipeline?

This Product Performance dashboard shows a handful of performance metrics for several different products. It also highlights the difference between online and in-store sales, as well as which campaigns were most effective.

Are we projected to hit quota?

The Sales Trends dashboard shows the overall trends and progress of your sales team. It’s broken down on a monthly basis, quarterly, or yearly basis.

Do we have any neglected accounts?

The Sales KPI Dashboard is a bit more high-level, showing a variety of sales kpi’s such as neglected accounts, margin by rep, or deal size vs. discount.

Dashboards Built For Sales Executives

CRM Analytics For Sales Executives 7
High level review of your team and its targets.
What have you won and closed?
Are you winning more than you are losing? Can you maintain?
Speed to close is your top concern, cash flow improves and allows for investment and more.
Losses tell you a story – read it and learn
What does the future look like for sale success?
Visualize the number of won opportunities against lost opportunities for the set time period.
Trends give historical perspective which can be a glimpse to the future.
Most sales orgs have deals stall for one reason or another – what is yours?
Validate the reps forecast – no where to run and no where to hide.
Do all you can to make your team successful, but turnover when needed
New business sales is different than farming current clients – are both working?
Wins are wins but are they the wins you want? Proper Margins? Increase upsell opportunity?

Questions answered:

  • How do we look against our target?
  • Are we winning more opps than we are losing?
  • Where do we stand against our forecasted revenue?
  • What percentage is coming from new business vs existing?
CRM Analytics For Sales Executives 8
A picture is worth a thousand words – is your pipe healthy from top to bottom?
The future is the past repeating itself – or is it?
Don’t lose focus of the future – sales is “a what have you done for me now business”.
New products take time, core products keep the lights on is the mix right?
New business and upselling customers both have their place in your success!
The art versus the science of forecasting – don’t let the reps fool you!

Questions answered:

  • How does the pipeline look by stage?
  • What is the average pipeline this quarter?
  • What is the pipeline by products?
  • Is our pipeline healthy?
CRM Analytics For Sales Executives 9
Make your number one goal the firth thing you see every day.
Deals that stay open too long are open for a reason.
Keep the sales team current and focused on the now, with an eye to the future.
High level review of team open opportunity – is there enough to close revenue needed?
Not just revenue or number of deals but see how the pipe is growing and from where.
Use your time wisely – where are deals stalling and for who – how can you help?
Accountability drives behavior – have the data at your fingertips for 1-1 meetings with your reps.
If they are not selling and closing, are the reps building pipeline for future success?
Big deals demand your attention and resources – use them wisely.
Time is the enemy of all sales people – be a leader that helps rep move from stage to stage.

Questions answered:

  • How much revenue have we generated?
  • What was generated this quarter?
  • Where did our generated pipeline come from?
  • How much of our pipeline is stuck in the final stage?
CRM Analytics For Sales Executives 10
Keep the health of New business and revenue from Current Clients in check.
Constant review of the pipeline will show you where and how to help reps.
Is your business seasonal? Effected by calendar dates?
Comparing periods is the only way to add some sense to data points
Monitor pricing – closing deals at big discounts can be an issue
Health of future sales is as important as current period sales
Increase spend and activity where you have had the most success
Long sales cycles need regular interval check ups or else time slips away

Questions answered:

  • What is our revenue generated this year?
  • What side of the business contributed the most?
  • Do we have enough open opportunities to hit quota?
  • Have we created enough leads to have a healthy pipeline?
CRM Analytics For Sales Executives 11
Where are you losing deals and why?
Track the ratio of deals won versus deals lost by rep.
See the number of deals lost and drill down to learn why.
Monitor largest revenue opportunities and reps plan to close.
What is the health of your sales pipeline and where are deals getting stuck?

Questions answered:

  • Wins & Losses
  • Lost Opportunities By Industry
  • Top 10 Won Opportunities
  • Lost Opps By Sales Rep
CRM Analytics For Sales Executives 12
Closing deals faster improves morale and cash flow!
Cost of sales is a direct result of effort versus return – is what you are committing resources too worth it?
Whatever your stages are, every deal will go through each of them – if not why?
Every team can close, but are they doing the necessary at the top and middle of pipe?

Questions answered:

  • What is the average amount of time to close an opportunity?
  • What is the average sales cycle length?
  • How many opportunities do we have in each stage of our funnel?
  • What is the average time spent in each stage?
CRM Analytics For Sales Executives 13
Revenue drives success, are you meeting your target?
Is the team meeting its win target? Every rep or are some more successful than others?
Some are lost for no decision, but true losses need to be analyzed.
Do new business and client upsells close at the same rate?
Monitor both the raw number of deals as well as their size, both metrics are important.
Who is winning and where? How can the rest of the team repeat?
New, upsell, cross sell – where is your revenue coming from?
There is a link to rep skills and experience to pipeline management.
Capture lost reason codes – learn from the past to improve the future!
Sales reps are notorious for waiting to engage – true domain and thought leaders engage properly from day one.

Questions answered:

  • How do our opportunities compare to previous years?
  • Have our sales reps won more opps than last year?
  • Which products have performed the best over time?
  • Is our pipeline growing or shrinking?

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