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New Year, New Data Goals: How SplashBI Helps You Stick to Your Resolutions

New Year, New Data Goals: How SplashBI Helps You Stick to Your Resolutions


As the New Year begins, it’s a time for setting goals and resolutions. In the business world, particularly in data and analytics, these resolutions are crucial for growth and success. But what makes some resolutions stick while others falter? Let’s explore.

Common Data and Analytics Resolutions and Their Challenges

1. Pursuing Higher Data Accuracy:

Essential for reliable insights, yet often hindered by inconsistent data sources.

2. Efficient Reporting Processes:

A goal for many, yet complicated by outdated systems and data complexity.

3. Improved Data-Driven Decision Making:

Aiming to better leverage data but challenged by integrating and interpreting diverse datasets.

Strategies for Successful Resolutions

1. Focus on Comprehensive Data Integration:

This is key for achieving consistent and reliable data analytics.

2. Adopt User-Friendly Reporting Tools:

Simplifying reporting processes can drastically cut down on insight generation time.

3. Utilize Tools for Actionable Insights:

It’s crucial to have tools that help interpret data in line with business objectives.

Exploring Real-World Success: Chick-fil-A’s Resolution Journey

As we discuss setting and keeping data resolutions, it’s inspiring to see real-world examples come to life. Last year, one of our clients, Chick-fil-A, set ambitious data goals. Now, we’re excited to share their journey and achievements.


Setting resolutions is just the beginning; the challenge lies in adhering to them. The path to improved data management and utilization is complex but achievable. Solutions like SplashBI can play a pivotal role in not only setting ambitious data goals but also in realizing them. Here’s to making this year a triumph in data and analytics!

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