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Behind the Curtains at Live Nation: Turning Up the Volume on Financial Reporting

Behind the Curtains at Live Nation: Turning Up the Volume on Financial Reporting


In the amphitheater of live entertainment, a rhythm draws millions together. Crowds roar. Artists ignite passions. And fans make memories.

But behind the magic of the stage lights, there’s a lot that goes unnoticed – from financial decisions to logistical decisions At the center of it all stands Live Nation, a global powerhouse that has been bringing artists and audiences together in 41 countries for almost three decades.

this is the beautiful symphony between SplashBI & LN.

A Global Giant at a Crossroad of Complexity

Live Nation’s diverse portfolio – spanning concerts, international venues, ticketing, artist services, and sponsorship – meant dealing with an Everest of financial data. With decades’ worth of growth and expansion came challenges like complex reporting workflows, decisions, and operations cycles, all of which needed to be simplified.

Their trusty reporting platform, Discoverer, served them well. Yet, with evolving needs, a more advanced solution became essential to meet modern expectations.

Microsoft Excel, loved and relied upon by their finance team for decades, had to be the tool of choice to bridge the company’s massive financial data reservoirs to enable good, timely and holistic decisions. But the company needed a partner for its new and complex reporting needs, one that could improve Excel’s proven capabilities.

Enter SplashBI, echoing Jateen Patel’s sentiments, the Director of FinTech at Live Nation, SplashBI has been a game-changer. “Our teams embraced it with applause for the UI, flexibility, and the ease of report generation – all within the familiar terrain of Excel.”

How SplashBI Helped Live Nation Turn Up The Volume On Their Reporting

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Reporting Workflows from Conventional to Cutting Edge

Hari Tatrakal, Director of Data at Live Nation, likened their transition to SplashBI as swapping out a one-wheel bicycle for a Ferrari. The ride was smoother, faster, and exhilarating.

Challenges, like concurrent database access by numerous users, did pop up, as occasional bumps on a highway often do. But the SplashBI’s adaptable architecture ensured the journey remained smooth. As Hari Tatrakal acknowledged, the support from SplashBI was pivotal, helping Live Nation navigate the twists and turns of implementation.

Hitting the High Notes

The collaboration between Live Nation and SplashBI harmonized into a beautiful symphony. Live Nation began to reap the rewards soon after SplashBI’s intervention: compliance got a boost, audits were a breeze, operational costs dipped, and performance peaked.

Live Nation’s experience with SplashBI is not the end of the album but just the first track. Eager to continue this rhythm, Live Nation plans to traverse the Oracle Cloud reporting scape with SplashOC, keeping the tunes of success playing with SplashBI leading the way.

Live Nation’s success with SplashBI is proof of what goes down when the right chords of business needs and solution offerings come together. It is best summed up in Jateen Patel’s words: “Our business took to SplashBI tremendously… the UI, flexibility, and ease resonated deeply with our teams.”

Your Turn to Tune In?

For businesses seeking to hit the right notes in their reporting and analytics, SplashBI strikes the chord that many have been searching for.

Want to delve deeper into how Live Nation achieved reporting success with SplashBI? Read the full case study.

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